Truck Tyres

Sourcing quality tyres can be expensive and stressful as a business operating a fleet or running a Tyre Service Depot.  With widening range of Truck Tyre sizes required in today’s market place Road Tyres Ltd are well placed to supply your every tyre requirement –  whatever the Truck Tyre size.  Our stock of Part Worn Tyres for sale includes Tyres for various Commercial Vehicles including: Bus Tyres, Coach Tyres, Lorry Tyres, Crane Tyres to Ex-Military vehicle Tyres.

We stock various Brands of part worn truck tyres/used truck tyres for export (Michelin, BridgeStone, GoodYear, Toyo, Yokohoma, Pirelli) amongst many other tyre manufacturers.

All our used tyres are sourced within the United Kingdom and E-marked assuring you our tyres are of highest quality and grade that will meet your requirements.  With years of experience and many clients Worldwide we take great care when sourcing quality second hand tyres to suit your market.

For information on exporting used truck tyres please our Used Tyre Exports page.

Examples of  Tyre Sizes Available in Stock:


245/70    R19.5

265/70     R19.5

285/70     R19.5

1200          R20

11                R22.5

12                R22.5

1400        R20

385/65    R22.5

385/55    R22.5

315/80     R22.5

315/70     R22.5


* Many other sizes available please Contact Us for Further Details.

295/80          R22.5

295/60          R22.5




275/70  R22.5

305/70  R19.5




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